Thursday, August 9, 2007

In the Beginning.....

I guess I should start by telling a little about myself? I'm a married (yep, get that out there first), 31 year old, southern gal (NOT country, and yes, there is a difference**by leaps and bounds**). I have a wonderful husband, 2 chihuahuas and 2 cats (whom you'll meet later), and a ton of great friends.

I'm "stuck" working in the corporate world, when I'd rather be doing something artsy! I love music (can play the guitar and piano), art (I sketch and paint), poetry (yep, I write poetry and song lyrics), and I have the imagination of a child (which I refuse to let go of, despite the fact that I'm constantly being told to get my head out of the clouds and grow up). I have tattoos and a "reserved" wild streak that only comes out upon the right combination of a few martinis and the right friends-heheheee.

I'm still not sure how this site works (I'm used to MySpace and those sorts of places), but I will start researching more, because I'm sure this will become my new passion. I love to write and talk (I'm expressive, give me a break) :) So here's to new adventures.................



Jim said...

Aww, hell - you're married?!? Well, frak, there goes my reason for talking to you... :P

Gigi, it's me, Jim! Glad to see you setting up a dedicated place for your writing. I'll be a regular reader, count on it.


Anonymous said...

It's grant from fb and twitter, nit sure if you remember me or not but i forgot i had this blog in my favorites and i am getting caught up now on it. I am going to be a regular from now on.