Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home improvements and the weekend past

This past weekend was a blur! One of my best friends EVER came in from Florida to visit. We went to a local billards hall for a few games of pool and some beers. It was a blast, that is until the BUTTheads next to us decided that picking on a few women playing pool was more fun that minding their own business!

First it was just talking and pointing, but it got worse. I was getting ready to take a shot, when I felt the sheer material of my top brush against the back of my arm, and my pool cue wabbled? I straightened up and looked behind me, then to Tina. She nodded over to "their" table, and I walked over to the sofa where we were all stationed. I was informed that one of the guys actually ran behind me while I was trying to shoot and kicked "at" me. I'll assume he tried to actually make contact! I was entirely pissed and wanted to walk over to him and break my stick over his bald head. Instead I resort to staring him down, and then turning him in to the owner-problem solved....we return to enjoying our night! (which didn't last long enough)

Home Renovations
So, in April of this year, my husband and I began renovations on our house. We've lived there for 3 years, and hadn't really done anything significant to the inside of the house. I repainted the master bath, but that's about it. THERE really aren't even pictures on the walls (sad I know).

I had a mental breakdown one day, and Wayne decided that whatever I wanted to do, he was game (got to LOVE this man)! He'd decided a while ago that the cabinets and countertops were less than par, so they were definitely OUT!!! So when asked what I wanted/had in mind, this is what happened:

  • kitchen-complete overhaul

  • scrape all the texture (ugly popcorn) off ceilings downstairs *we have an open floor plan of sorts, with our kitchen being divided by a "L" shaped wall.*

  • paint ALL of the downstairs area

  • rip up old, yucky carpet & lay down laminate, faux hardwood flooring

  • new decor, reupholster furniture (til we found the couch that we loved)

Simple enough for someone with OCD, right-hehehehehehahahahahaheheehe! Ok, it's August 23, and while I can say that most everything is completed, I had no idea it would take this long! It took 3 weekends to scrape off texture, patch/repair, and prime the ceiling. Wayne decided at this phase we were also going to open up the area by cutting out the walls. Now you can see from or into the kitchen; it's AWESOME!

We finished the "demolition" and cleaned up the aftermath, wiped down all the walls, and I began painting. This wouldn't have taken long, except that I kept running out of paint. I'd have to run to the store the day after or the weekend after to get more. :) That is now finished as well, and my kitchen is a soft orange (think orange sherbert, but not quite as bright). The living room (area) is what's called "Applesauce Cake", a soft cinnamon-colored brown, almost like the caramel that they put on the's soothing, and the colors compliment each other. My curtains are still a deep cranberry color, and I guess I am keeping them up because they look so good. I even bought 3 more panels to hide our ugly sliding glass door.

I've decided that our hallway upstairs (and up the stairs themselves) will be a "wall of fame" devoted to my friends and family. I am plastering the walls with various picture frames filled with fun times and fond memories. So, if you know me, and you can't figure out what to get me as a gift-a funky little picture frame would soooo rock!

Ok, enough of this for today; I'll be getting some pictures up by the weekend to go with this entry, so make sure to check back!!!



Anonymous said...

Where was this? I cannot believe someone would act so immature for no reason, then again i guess anything goes today.

All that home rennovation made my wallet hurt just reading it, So glad i don't own a house yet. Lol