Thursday, August 30, 2007

Comments Welcome!!!

Ok, so today's another day....another blog. I've been thinking, to truly gain a "fan base" on the net, I should ultimately be writing about things that interest my readers. I don't want to have a small group of readers that have the same interests as me! I would like suggestions; challenge my mind....give me something more to strive toward :)

I'm taking suggestions-let me know what you'd like to read about. I'll pick 2 topics a week (if I get that many), research them and give you my perspective! There's very little I'm not opinionated about (let's face it, I AM a woman afterall).

Ok people, let's start commenting here! Let me know you're out there reading, and I guarantee to "spice things up"!!!



Jim said...

Here's one my friend:
a father's relationship to his daughter

Jennifer said...

Write about the thoughts that run through Myle's head when he is about to take a dump.

Anonymous said...

I like jim's idea and anything political or religious is sure to get you hits.